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The aluminum foam furniture and wall arts by DBE.FURNITURE are more than just functional items; they are expression of artistry and innovation. Crafted using cutting-edge techniques and sustainable materials, these pieces reflect the commitment to environmental responsibility and the pursuit of new and exciting design possibilities. From the sophisticated and modest to the bold and extravagant, DBE.FURNITURE creations are designed to complement a wide range of architectural and interior styles, making them the perfect choice for professionals looking to make a statement in their projects.

The history of DBE.FURNITURE

Founded in the heart of Europe, DBE.FURNITURE (Designs By Earthlings) represents a pioneering force in the contemporary design landscape. With roots deeply embedded in the historic charm of Budapest and the vibrant creativity of London, the brand has emerged as a symbol of innovative design, merging European craftsmanship with global design sensibilities. Specializing in aluminum foam furniture and wall arts, DBE.FURNITURE stands at the forefront of style, innovation, and openness, dedicated to transforming spaces with pieces that are not only visually stunning but also embody the spirit of collaboration and cultural diversity.
At DBE.FURNITURE, they believe that design should be a dialogue — a continuous exchange of ideas and inspirations that transcend borders and cultures. DBE.FURNITURE collections are inspired by the rich tapestry of human creativity, drawing upon the collective genius of designers, artists, and craftspeople from around the globe. Each piece they create is a testament to this collaborative ethos, designed to inspire, engage, and elevate the spaces they inhabit.

DBE.FURNITURE: company mission and values

DBE.FURNITURE's mission extends beyond the creation of unique furniture and art pieces. They aim to foster a global design community that values creativity, sustainability, and inclusivity. DBE.FURNITURE seeks to bridge the gap between different design cultures, bringing a fresh perspective to the industry and inspiring a new generation of designers to explore the limitless possibilities of modern design.
As they look to the future, DBE.FURNITURE is excited to introduce innovative designs to new markets and audiences. With a steadfast commitment to quality, creativity, and collaboration, at DBE.FURNITURE they continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in design, crafting spaces that inspire, comfort, and connect.
Whether you are an interior designer, architect, stylist, or enthusiast of cutting-edge design, DBE.FURNITURE offers an unparalleled selection of products that blend form and function with unparalleled elegance. DBE.FURNITURE team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support, ensuring that every collaboration is a success. DBE.FURNITURE transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, one space at a time. ... More ... less



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