Das ganze Leben

Welsberg-Taisten / Italy

Das ganze Leben is a company based on a basic philosophy in mind: concentration on the essentials, with a focus on utility. Timeless birch plywood modular furniture, suitable for any type of space. The products of Das ganze Leben reflect this new way of being. They create subtle and dynamic furniture that is both pragmatic and versatile in use. Their intuitive, streamlined designs are rounded out by functionality and sustainability. The clarity of the designs is realized through precise craftmanship in the manufacturing process. Durability is a characteristic of Das ganze Leben products. Sustainability arise from the care and foresight that goes into developing and producing the furniture. They produce durable furniture in cooperation with regional specialists. Selected materials and careful artisan production processes make their products special. The modularity of Das ganze Leben products allows for easy maintenance: If the space changes or part of the furniture is damaged, individual elements can be easily replaced or added to, saving you from having to buy a whole new piece of furniture. In this way the company sends a clear message for greater sustainability and conservation of resources. These flexible and well-thought out solutions are always open to interpretation and can be adapted to changing habits and preferences. The two founders of the company are the designers Georg Agostini and Lorenz Sternbach. Both interested in bringing innovation to their design projects, Georg specializes in the processing of different types of wood, thanks to the artisan know-how acquired over the years, while Lorenz is attentive to the changing requirements and demands of clients and architects who appreciate unconventional approach to design. ... More ... less

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