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Cassano D'Adda / Italy

Born in 1985, Daniel Rubinetterie is an Italian design faucet manufacturer. Its offer has always been characterized by the aesthetic and peculiarity of its solutions. Daniel is synonymous with refinement, passion, new ideas and technology and is committed to promoting the value of a "Made in Italy" production in Italy and abroad. From its factory near Milan, Daniel has revolutionized the classical approach to the faucet production, creating trademarked decorative techniques, focusing on the originality of the creations, the faucet is raised from its purely functional role to become a relevant furniture item which can be perfectly integrated with the uniqueness of the individual projects . Daniel aims to always provide a highly customizable product, easily adapted to the specific customer needs to concretize the pure expression of each personal taste. Each line of faucets is designed with great care and catalogued with a wide choice of finishes and decorations as the result of a intense studying about designs, shapes and new trends. The trademarked decoration techniques Dekora and Dekora Sense open to innumerable possible combinations: colored galvanized, antiqued and brushed finishes in addition to the classic painted ones, metallic tones, granite, tone on tone reliefs, pop-art decor, damask themes and much more . Thanks to these innovative technical skills, modern designed faucets accentuate their visual impact, while the more traditional lines are enhanced with new shades. In this way faucets take an exclusive part in forniture design, sure to fully meet tastes and demands of all those Customers with a great desire to differentiate themselves and to express their own personality; always paying attention to product quality. Who choose Daniel Rubinetterie is a demanding consumer who seeks innovative solutions and high quality standards for a long lasting operation. For 30 years, Daniel Rubinetterie has met this market by providing a careful service, selecting with great care the finest materials, using the most modern production techniques and performing meticulous tests on each item. ... More ... less

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