São João de Madeira / Portugal

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DAM is about design, craft and furniture. It's about products that tell stories about culture and memories. Between tradition and modern times, the brand combines materials and traditional techniques with creative and innovative drawing. It appeals to emotions, simplicity and quality of life, in harmony with nature and society. The portuguese culture and the common everyday things are the inspiration to the development of pieces that adapt themselves to children, youngsters and adults. Each piece results from synergies between designers, artisans and the industry. This way, they build the bridge between Economy and Culture as they renew a collective heritage that continues genuine and therefore, contrasting. The goal is to valorize and promote the Portuguese identity throughout the world. Every DAM piece is produced in the north of Portugal, the area of the country with the greatest potential in the furniture sector. Here, the production monitoring involves care and precision and this is clearly demonstrated in every piece of furniture that leaves the factory. There is no machine that can truly replace the hand or the eye, so DAM ensures the commitment to quality materials, technology and craftsmanship. DAM collaborates with the production companies that provide the best technique and aesthetical solutions to produce beautiful and well made furniture, pushing as well the boundaries of possibility, because they want to make a furniture that can withstand everyday use and also age with strong personality. ... More ... less



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