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Dusseldorf / Germany

Minou Farkhondeh and Thomas Reichel founded the Cubit furniture brand in Dusseldorf in 2006, striving to design minimalist, premium-quality modular furniture: modular shelving and modular sofas. Our standards in terms of design, functionality and material quality are very high and evolve with each new project. We offer the basis for personalised interiors: it is the customer who decides on the final appearance of the furniture.

Cubit modular furniture

A variety of sizes, a host of colors, and attractive surfaces. 34 shelf modules with 24 different finishes form the foundation for practical and stylish shelves that are just right - for every room, for every taste, and for all kinds of contents. And that's not all. When combined with a stand or base, the shelf can be transformed into the Cubit sideboard - an all purpose piece that can be used as a multimedia shelf, minibar, or bedside table, among other things. The form of the stand is integral to the overall shape - decide whether you want to be fully minimalist with the straight version or want to go with the retro look charachterized by feet slanting outward. Our modular sofas are available in an array of different seat, backrest and armrest heights. These can be combined with a wide range of seat widths and depths. The deciding factors are your personal taste and comfort, as well as the intended use.

Where in your home will the modules be placed? How much space is available? And is the sofa intended for sitting or lying on? Cubit's modular sofa system is flexible and adjusts to all interior settings. All our furniture reflects our vision of a futuristic, refined, and timeless design. We make no concessions when it comes to design. Available in numerous colours and dimensions, our creations allow everyone to create a customised item of furniture, almost made to measure, of a unique design adaptable to all styles. Thanks to its clever design, you can upgrade shelving, sofa, and the Cubit lamp over time. Move the modules around to create a new look for your sofa, divide your shelving unit into two, order new modules to increase the size of your book shelving or your sofa. ... More ... less

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