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Cridea is a company based in Italy that produces furniture suitable for both indoor and outdoor, elements with a transforming capacity that explore and create relationships with new spaces, people and animals. Pieces characterized by a spirit of research that find new spaces and create places never imagined before.
All Cridea collections, developed in collaboration with international designers such as Jorge Herrera and Davide Montanaro, are composed of multi-purpose furniture elements, ideal for all climates and in all seasons, thanks to their closed cell polyurethane outer surface, the C-Coat, which makes these furniture completely waterproof, odorless and UV resistant. The velvety outer layer, soft and pleasant to the touch, protects the inner part made of flexible foam blocks, which not only make these furnishings very comfortable, but also extremely resilient because after adapting to the body they return to their original shape.
Cridea products are completely customizable, they adapt to any space and environment and the wide variety of colors makes them even more appealing and fun. Cridea, respecting the environment, is committed to creating furniture elements with high quality plastic materials, furniture created to be lived and last over time even if easily recyclable. ... More ... less

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