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Crearte Collections is a Catalan brand that produces leather sofas, armchairs and furniture, with a long history based on values and skills that have been handed down from generation to generation. In the past in Girona (Catalonia) there were not many tapestries and the area was traditionally associated with the tanning industry, where the city of Banyoles played a key role. In the early 1970s, the owner of one of the city’s most important tanneries developed a new and ambitious project that involved the production of leather-covered furniture. After extensive research, he managed to join a group of artisans with whom he founded the first local company specialized in the production of upholstered furniture design. This was the only company in the Girona area to develop such a product. Specialized in English furniture covered in leather, Crearte has developed over the years, with design and quality at the center of its creations, becoming the reference point for this type of products in Europe.
Crearte Collections is the answer to the transition to the new generations, who have maintained their roots without moving away from the territory and tradition. A young and dynamic company, where design and innovation are part of everyday life and where every challenge is transformed into a solution. Crearte Collections excites with its proposals, its design and its quality, adding value to the space to which they are intended.

Crearte in the Contract world

Crearte dedicates part of its activity to the contract sector, with the design and development of products for large projects, so as to stand out among all the other furniture companies through exclusive and highly technical work, a job that entails great responsibility. Since 2008, through the establishment of its own commercial network, Crearte has found itself working on high-level projects, in particular projects for exclusive hotels at both national and European level. Once again Crearte has become a reference company for quality and competence.
At the beginning of 2011, established as a renowned manufacturer of furniture for large projects but overwhelmed by a persistent sense of nostalgia, the company decided to relaunch its most successful models so that they faithfully represented the past of Crearte. The decision to rediscover one’s own identity and status in a forgotten sector was crucial, allowing Crearte to regain the position it once had. During this recovery process, and thanks to the open mindset of the company, Crearte with this strategic choice has built the perfect opportunity to develop new products with new materials, products that respond to current needs and trends. Crearte Collections was created to meet the expectations of changing generations. The collections exude the company’s character, style and expertise.

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