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Corkbrick Europe is a brand born in April 2012 in Lisbon. They realize modular and sustainable furniture in cork, suitable for different environments of use, including: partition walls, storage systems and units, outdoor furniture. The DIY interlocking cork blocks, also known as brocks, are the company's true hallmark. They let's you create dynamic furniture, furnishings, and structures that can be assembled/disassembled without any hassle. These blocks are eco-friendly, sturdy, heat resistant, soundproof. The Corkbrick story is one of a father and his daughter. It chronicles their efforts to create a personalised living space. Corkbrick started developing a principle goal: create a flexible, modular DIY system that anyone could use. They believe there is a need to rethink and reinvent how pepole deal with nature and the space they live in. What they are able to provide is a completely natural solution. Through the leverage of unique characteristics present in environment, they created a new philosophy on how people can manage the spaces they live in. For the founders of Corkbrick, cork was a natural choice. Not only because of its capabilities or the non-negotiable criteria of creating a sustainable business, but also because working with cork has been running in the Reynolds family for more eight generations.

Corkbrick and the use of portuguese cork

The cork used to create Corkbrick comes from Portugal and from the cork oak. Cork is a natural product with characteristics that no other material, in nature or invented by man, can offer. Its light, highly resistant, fire retardant, elastic, comfortable, impermeable surface offers sound and temperature isolation. Used in-door it brings nature inside, creating a healthy climate for humans. Portugal has a long tradition of benefiting from the nature of cork. Today, Portugal has 33% of the global planted area and the use of cork in everything from wine to fashion has spread globally. ... More ... less

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