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Cordivari Design is dedicated to designing radiators that furnish contemporary contexts, blending technology that increases efficiency with the creativity of great names in modern design. Like all of the company's products, Cordivari Design radiators and towel warmers are totally Made-in-Italy, thanks to robotic processes and quality control systems that cover 100% of production. All cutting, metalworking, welding, painting, testing and quality controls are carried out exclusively at Cordivari factories.

Cordivari Design radiators and decorative radiators

At Cordivari Design, the excellence that has distinguished Cordivari products since the 1970s when it was founded by Ercole Cordivari meets renowned Italian and international designers like Simone Micheli, Mariano Moroni, Paola Pinnavaia, Luca Scacchetti, Marco Pisati and Jean-Marie Massaud. Thanks to the ability to interpret a purely functional element as a sculptural object, the Massaud designed Blow radiator won the Red Dot Design Award Best of the Best 2012. Its form and decoration were inspired by ocean waves to produce a vertical "container of water" that could represent the movement of waves freed from the more traditional radiator forms. From a technological point of view, Blow comprises two connected metal plates that help keep water at a constant temperature, offering a highly efficient heat source.
In 2017, Cordivari Design also won the Red Dot Design Award in the "Product Design" category, with Lynea designed by Marco Pisati. The flexible and universal system of towel rails, hangers and shelves of various sizes can be applied to all Frame radiators, allowing the optimisation of bathroom and living space. Pisati also created Tessuto, a radiator presented at the end of 2020 based on the idea of optimising the industrial process to obtain serial copies, each slightly different from the original, always unique. The inspiration comes from Andy Warhol and his serial works that, while generated from the same matrix, were manipulated to make them different and unique. Analogously, Tessuto’s asymmetrical elements, made of grooves and flat parts, rotated and not, are assembled in the factory in a deliberately random way, determining multiple combinations, rhythms and designs. Simone Micheli designed the Badge and Sfere radiators, winners of the Design Plus, Comfort & Design, Idéo Bain Prix Nominé, Ceramics Design Award, German Design Award Special Mention and Archiproducts Design Award - Best of Category awards. Collaboration with Mariano Moroni led to the creation of the Movie, Jungle, Roads, Groove and Giuly heating units. Movie won the selection for the Comfort & Design award, and Giuly was awarded the IF - Product Design Award at the International Forum Design in Hannover.

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Cordivari Design's radiators are divided into different families, distinguished by a particular material or aesthetic leitmotif. Inox includes heating elements made entirely of stainless steel. Extraslim is a range of radiators with a single, slender unitary body. Neo Design's minimalist furnishing radiators are characterised by pure, essential lines and architectural forms. Classic Line towel warmers are inspired by classical forms intended to enhance the aesthetic richness of any context, thanks to the Chrome, Antique Bronze, and Antique Gold finishes. Picture uses an innovative, indelible and environmentally friendly printing technique on the heating body to transform the radiator into a veritable work of art. ... More ... less

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