Morro d'Oro / Italy

Founded in 1972 by Ercole Cordivari in Morro d'Oro in the province of Teramo, Cordivari is one of Italy's leading companies in the hydro-thermal sanitary sector. Its core business consists of towel warmers, furnishing radiators, boilers and water heaters, storage heaters, pressure fluid vessels, solar thermal systems, heat pump thermal systems, water collection and treatment systems, tanks and metal finishing services. The focus on technological innovation and quality and the constant search for efficient, reliable, and sustainable solutions guide its production and factory and resource management. These features contribute to the global success of Cordivari products; in fact, the company now boasts an export volume of about 40% of total production. And the number continues to grow. All Cordivari products are Made in Italy by over seven hundred employees in four production sites that cover over 370,000 square metres.

Cordivari radiators and towel warmers

The Cordivari catalogue includes most types of radiators currently on the market - from the classic carbon steel tubular radiator in various configurations, including the curved and angular versions in the Ardesia family, to stainless steel radiators, electric radiators and blowers, furnishing radiators and towel warmers. All Cordivari radiators are manufactured in compliance with the harmonised European EN 442-1-2-3 standard; they are CE labelled in accordance with all EU directives. Other accreditations include the NF label, DIN 55900 1-2 certification of the painting process, VDI6036 certification of conformity of the fixing systems. Radiators and towel warmers are completed by a series of accessories like the Arys collection explicitly designed for the Arianna radiator, a heater whose aesthetics make it suitable for living space and a functional and furnishing element for the bathroom.

Cordivari thermohydraulics. Boilers, solar thermal systems and heat pumps

One of the most innovative Cordivari products is the StratosĀ® System, a compact solar thermal system that, compared to traditional circulation systems with separate external storage tanks, produces domestic hot water by directly heating the storage tank integrated with the panel. Simple to install and connect to the domestic water supply system, it has a minimal footprint, a storage capacity of 110 and 260 litres and can be combined to meet the demands of larger users. This innovative system is then flanked by boilers and water heaters, storage heaters, pressurised fluid vessels, water collection and treatment systems, tanks and heat pump thermal systems, a range of complete systems for heating, cooling and DHW production from 100% renewable sources, designed to work in synergy, expressing the maximum performance of each component to guarantee only the best in efficiency and energy saving. A range of solutions includes numerous solar integration packages with specific design to work best with the heat pump in terms of DHW. If solar integration is not desired, there are a wide range of choices for DHW production through the heat pump and DHW cylinders. ... More ... less


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