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Present on the market since 1954, Cor is a historical German company that produces upholstered furniture and other items for interiors. The company is studded with successes, underlined by the many awards received over the years, like the Red Dot Award and the Interior Innovation Award/Best of the Best. Cor products are based on two premises - beauty combined with comfort and the use of excellent raw materials processed with high technology. Production takes place with the utmost respect for the environment evidenced by the company's photovoltaic system and mini power plant powered by wood waste. Cor artisans, designers and technicians work tirelessly to create unique and long-lasting pieces. The company always belonged to the Lübke family who wishes to perpetuate its enduring values - passion for work, attention to detail, care in the choice of materials, love of design, desire to maintain a healthy environment for workers and respect for nature.

Flexible and dynamic furniture: Cor production

All of the company's products - tables and chairs, office and contract furniture - can be customised according to client needs. Trio, with its carefree cushions for an unconventional lifestyle, is one of COR's best-known sofas. Its first design dates to 1972, virtually unchanged in the new 2015 version. Flexible and modular, with infinite configurations, the sofa’s three basic elements can be connected temporarily to create countless seating possibilities. The Nenou collection is reminiscent of water lilies in a pond as its name "Nenúfar" - Spanish for water lily - evokes. It is composed of leaf-shaped benches, pouffes and armchairs, juxtaposed to create a delicate and elegant balance. Cor also produced Chart, a free-standing office partition to create privacy even in very small rooms. The Level conference table has clean and elegant lines and can be raised at will and coordinated with stools or benches, depending on height. Today everyone talks about sustainability, but Cor is one of the few companies that began to talk about respect for the environment as early as the 1950s, showing strong interest in the planet’s health. The company is devoted to sustaining the earth by being as "unobtrusive" as possible so that the planet can reciprocate with its raw materials and a liveable and pleasant environment. The company implements this mission through some central measures. Employees receive constant updates on programs promoting a healthy lifestyle. The company uses wood waste to fuel their mini power plant and prefers 0-kilometre renewable materials rather than fossil fuels. Production is entirely in Germany, ensuring the highest quality Made-in-Germany products. Cor hires only locally with positive impacts on much of the area.

Cor, a Made in Germany "heart" for quality furniture

Cor is based in the German city of Rheda-Wiedenbrück in Westphalia, in the furniture production distric where precious wood grows, which is the raw material used for the brand’s sofas, tables and chairs. Cor is the Latin word for "heart," also present in the co-founder's family crest. The Lübke family remains firmly at the helm of the business, but its birth came about from the fortunate encounter between the Lübkes and the Prince of Bentheim Tecklenburg, who believed in the project and participated in the company’s founding in the 1950s. Since the 1980s, Cor direction has passed down the Lübke family generations, keeping its heart and passion geared towards respecting its founding values. The family takes great pride when customers contact them after decades to refurbish a piece of furniture purchased long ago. Sometimes they request new upholstery, other times a different finish for an inherited sofa. Cor meets all of these needs with great pleasure, knowing that its products resist over time and generations of users. For Cor, furniture is the heart of a home, and there is no better way to honour it than to create something that will last forever. ... More ... less

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