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Rødovre / Denmark

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Copenhagen Bath manufactures bathroom furniture, washbasins and bathtubs. With its Danish origins, the brand philosophy is to offer great function combined with the simple and clean aesthetics typical of Scandinavian design. All Copenhagen Bath products are developed around the concept of the bathroom as a space dedicated to self-care and a moment of peace in our hectic days. Scandinavian design is perfect in this context with its aesthetic of simple and restful lines. For example, the minimalist form of the Christianssand collection bathtub perfectly integrates a functional towel holder on the short side that gives that extra stylish touch to the bathroom. Copenhagen Bath collections are inspired by such natural elements as air and water and are named after Scandinavian cities, towns, and islands to further emphasise its ties to Northern Europe. The Siø and Rømø collections are dedicated to Danish islands; the Nordland and Sandfjord collections refer to Norwegian fjords while Stockholm and Malmö collections refer to Swedish cities, and so on.

Copenhagen Bath. Nordic design in the bathroom

The company has collaborated with international designers who have contributed to the "Scandinavian Suite" series of collections. In music, a suite is a set of related pieces designed to be played in sequence. In this sense, each product bears the unmistakable signature of its designer, sharing classic and modern lines. Award-winning Danish designer Mikal Harrsen has been working with Copenhagen Bath since 2012. He combines Scandinavian wellness traditions with elegant, classic designs, resulting in the SQ1, SQ2, Muschel and TQ5 collections, characterised by their pleasing appearance, useability, and comfort. In particular, SQ1 combines square, geometric lines for the bathtub exterior with soft, organic shapes inside for maximum comfort. The work of Yuno Design, founded by Lena Billmeier and David Baur, is also based on the principle of simple, timeless design. For Copenhagen Bath, they designed a collection bearing their name, Yuno, characterised by soft, essential lines. Each element, however, conceals a distinct function. The washbasin base conceals a minimalist drawer; a towel rail that serves as a graphic element can be added, while the continuous surfaces highlighted by a soft edge allow for more practical use. The Yuno washbasin is versatile - with or without a drawer, suspended or free-standing; even the siphon becomes an eye-catching feature in the latter configuration.

Copenhagen Bath washbasins and bathtubs

Copenhagen Bath's trademarked Acovi® is the company's preferred material. The patented material contains mineral elements; it is excellent, durable, pore-free and 100% water-resistant, standing the test of time. Unlike other materials like porcelain and marble, Acovi® has a warm, silky-smooth surface that provides a rare sensation of pleasure. Acovi® is also very easy to clean with most commercially available detergents, partly because limescale cannot easily adhere to it; the material is resistant to cosmetics and make-up, which do not risk damaging or staining the surface. Although highly resistant, the material allows for easy and effective minor repairs. From a technical point of view, Acovi® can be cast, shaped and even cut very thinly. These characteristics allow for great versatility - a real competitive advantage compared to high-end prefabricated products, limited to only one or more standard sizes. Copenhagen Bath also uses other materials for its bathroom solutions. The Bergen collection is made of solid oak elements, while the Skagen collection combines solid oak with a very thin marble-effect ceramic tile veneer, providing exquisite results. ... More ... less

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