Loria / Italy

In 2014, Cerantola SPA founds Colos with the ambition to conceive and develop affordable and quality products, tracing the heritage of Italian know-how up to the industrial landscape of the 21st century.
Colos produces furniture for catering, home and public spaces.
All projects by Colos emerge from the opportunity given to young designers from various nations to encounter the world of Italian industry. This encounter between the designers’ esthetic and functional research and the company’s great industrial experience leads to solid and elegant products which are developed within an optimized production process.
The manufacturing is exclusively carried out in the company factories in Loria, Italy. In doing so, Colos can ensure the quality of its products and of the working conditions of its personnel.
Ethical, durable and affordable: this is what a Colos product is to us. ... More ... less

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