Cerames is a brand that offers handcrafted items such as handmade coverings, artists' painted washbasins, copper lamps and sinks, colored ceramics and much more. It all started with Jan Toczyski's passion for travel. At the beginning of the 21st century, the owner of Cerames went to Mexico for the first time and let himself be seduced by its culture, cordiality of the inhabitants, extraordinary nature and art. He met craftsmen who cultivate the tradition of Mexican ceramics in small family studios. On the basis of this trip and the friendships made during it, the first store called Colors of Mexico was created. With time and experience gained, the offer was gradually expanded to include Moroccan sinks and tiles (Colours of Morocco), as well as practical handicrafts of Polish artists (Florisa). Cerames was created as a fusion of all the above-mentioned brands and presents an assortment from partners from around the world under one brand.

Mission and values of Cerames

Cerames is more than a shop, it creates a bridge that connects artisans of different cultures with customers from all over the world in order to create unique and unrepeatable interior spaces. For years, a network of partners has been created that guarantees not only the high quality of the products but also good relations and business in the spirit of fair trade. The latest trends in interior design are examined, then compared and combined with what other cultures and traditions offer. Years of experience on the market allow us to say that, regardless of the dominant style of the interior, Cerames products contribute to make them truly unique. ... More ... less

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