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Ceadesign is an Italian company founded in 1984, that has undergone a deep transformation throughout the years. It made its entrance in the word of design in 2007 with a vast collection of bathroom and kitchen taps completed by a selection of towel warmers marked by a linear and sophisticate design. Ceadesign became a major reference worldwide within the industry and made of its design, sustainability, technical performances and know-how a synonym of the Made in Italy in the world. Its production, fully Made in Italy, takes shape in the Pianezze facility plant, while most of the company creative production can be appreciated in the showroom located in Milan, in the Brera district. Ceadesign collections are elegant, pleasant to the touch and the eye, able to combine new generation technologies with an attention to design that is also confirmed by the numerous collaborations with designers of the Italian excellence and by the many awards won, such as the Archiproducts Design Awards with the Regolo 02 mixer in 2017, the Abaco modular bathroom system in 2018, the Ariachiara ceiling fan in 2019 and the towel warmer Equilibrio 44 in 2020.

Taps, mixers, towel warmers: the sustainable design by Ceadesign

All production processes in Ceadesign have a low-impact on the environment and are non-polluting, since the company does not use substances that are harmful for the health and the environment. Ceadesign invested on sustainability and environment already during the ‘80s, when consciousness about alternative energies was only at its start. Ceadesign took the opposite direction, focusing since the beginning on sustainable development and taking on the responsibility to safeguard the planet and the future generations, because “development” means bringing on the market recyclable products that instead of adding up new things, are destined to be used forever, even in utterly different contexts. All products by Ceadesign are recyclable: what is today a tap could be used as a handle tomorrow, or a hardware and live on. Lutezia is a shower tap with an extremely technological design. Powerful and refined, this tap has turned the classic model into a contemporary one, by reinterpreting the hydraulic valve, typical of the early twentieth century, into a stainless steel version for a maximum level of comfort. All the different models in the LUTEZIA collection are available in a brushed or glossy finish and in all Ceadesign special ecologic and bio-compatible finishes (Black Diamond, Bronze, Copper, Light Gold). For the kitchen, ASTA 16 is a deck-mounted spout conceived to ensure water saving and apt to be used also elsewhere in the house, for instance in the bathroom. It is obviously made of stainless steel with a silicone rubber pipe. Ceadesign also operates in the sectors of ventilation systems and radiators. Equilibrio is a collection of electric towel warmers, always made of stainless steel, with special finishes and powered with low-voltage energy. Available in different models and configurations, Equilibrio suits any environment, can be installed either vertically or horizontally, dries quickly and makes the towel warm and comfortable to be used, while bridging sustainability and design.

Ceadesign, from the hydro-sanitary sector to design taps

Cea was founded in 1984 under the name “Centro di Energie Alternative” (Center for Alternative Energies), a name that recalls a mission and a scope that are quite different from that acquired in 2007. Natalino Malasorti and Roberta Bertacco, partners in the work and private life, established a company specialized in the hydro-thermal-sanitary sector and turned it into a center for tap design later on. The experiences nurtured within this sector, the skillful technological know-how and the project development capability naturally guided this transition. The outcome is a product that is up to fit all the criteria required by contemporary architecture and the building sector, also based on a thorough knowledge concerning the use of alternative, eco-friendly materials. The material chosen by Ceadesign is stainless steel, for its ability to guarantee high mechanic resistance and hardness, a strong ecological footprint, anti-bacterial properties and easy cleansing. Thanks to the patents obtained over time, Ceadesign produces taps equipped with new water-mixing systems and that can be easily installed avoiding built-in parts (PWF patent). The materials used by Ceadesign to finish its works are carefully selected and include silicone rubber, which lightness and flexibility make it perfect for water conduction; acetate resin, very stable, hygienic and particularly important in shower heads; carbon fiber, precious, lightweight and able to withstand temperature leaps, fireproof and suitable to work in contact with air when applied to fans. All these materials, coupled with a design of a rare beauty, make products by Ceadesign recognizable at a glance all over the world! ... More ... less

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