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Established in 1989, Catellani & Smith reflects the artistic personality of its founder, Enzo Catellani, carrying out, for almost thirty years, work that is in continuous evolution, halfway between art and craft. Enzo Catellani’s lighting creations are objects with a soul, which reveal the importance and unique qualities of a product made ‘by hand’.
The distinctive and personal approach to design, together with advanced research in the field of technology, make Catellani & Smith a leading company in the lighting sector. Catellani & Smith is also involved in producing special pieces for private and public spaces such as museums, art galleries, shows and events, churches and theatres. The company’s premises are situated in an old restored mill with views over the hills, just a few kilometres from Bergamo, along the Serio River and in an industrial area, with light-filled rooms and terraces covered in jasmine.

Since 1989, Catellani & Smith changes the concept of light

Catellani & Smith was born in 1989. With Turciù and Albero della Luce Enzo Catellani starts his adventure creating and producing lights shown in his first catalogue Oggetti senza tempo, primarily highlighting the possibility of interaction with the lamp as the object-subject. With the collection Luci d’Oro, the main theme is a reflection about the colour of light: the golden light of the sun and the fire; warm lights where the concept of refraction starts to take shape.
In 1997, the new collection Stchu-Moon separates the light source from the illuminating object: the refraction of the light meets irregular surfaces crafted by hand and therefore unique and unrepeatable. In the same year, Enzo Catellani creates an Albero della Luce and donate it to the Fondazione Museo del Design of the Triennale in Milan.
In Rue des Chartreux, Bruxelles is installed the first Luna Piena Gigante, a disc with a diameter of 2,5 meters completely lined with gold coloured leaf. Another piece installed in the same place is Albero della luce, 5 meters high, provided with 50 beams of optical fiber light.
On the occasion of the International Photomeeting, as tribute to the photographer Larry Burrows, Enzo Catellani creates the Albero della Lucenera, 6 meters high with 50 beams of directional light emitted by black carbon directional tubes. With Lucenera the process is inverted: the lamp sacrifices its sculptural value to leave space for the concept of pure light. The light source disappears making way for the illuminated subject.
On the occasion of the fair Abitare il Tempo in Verona, in 2002, Enzo Catellani presents Moon River, an out of collection creation: a river of aluminum supported by iron bases lets a stream of water flow, to be collected at its mouth by a large Luna nel Pozzo. Out Collection comes to life, grouping together prototypes and concepts not included in any other collection. Fil de Fer, Luna nel Pozzo, Luce che Dipinge, made in limited series, now go into production.

Indoor and outdoor lamps by Catellani & Smith

In the gardens of the Triennale is installed a permanent version of Fil de Fer with a diameter of 3 meters manufactured with almost 22.000 meters of aluminum wire with a total weight of 350 kg. It is lit up by 400 bulbs (nowadays LED ones) creating the visual and emotional impact of a fallen cosmos.
On the occasion of 2007 Fuori Salone, Casa della Luce is lit up by Atman, a magical oval object made in pure crystal, whose steel base hides only one LED. Atman is a trail of sensations originating while travelling in India. Enzo Catellani spent a dark and grave period of his life with his mind and eyes full of a light that came from nothing, never abandoning him, and that he tried to make palpable and real. Atman has become light and with it the intention of travelling backwards to rediscover the initial instinct of doing, for the pleasure of creating.
The interiors of Casa Batllò, a real wonder of Spanish Modernism – built between 1904 and 1906 by arch. Antoni Gaudì – have been illuminated by the prestigious creations of Catellani & Smith, that has decorated the noble floor, former residence of the Batlló family, with a Macchina della Luce, a sculpture-like suspension lamp that integrates perfectly with the golden colour that dominates the space. The wall lamps of PostKrisi collection, on the contrary, seem to capture light and shape its shadows, with a charming interplay between transparencies and contrasts. Bella wall lamps complete the selection made for Casa Batllò: this lamp, created between the 80s and the 90s by Enzo Catellani, it is now covered with gold coloured leaf, to represent the most classic Catellani & Smith style. ... More ... less

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