Caruso Acoustic

San Secondo Parmense / Italy

Caruso Acoustic was founded from Lamm’s extensive experience, a leading company in the manufacturing sector for over 60 years and a winner of many national and international awards and recognitions. Lamm has managed to combine its craftsmanship in processing materials with the latest research and design techniques to create unique, increasingly customised products. Innovation, quality and Made in Italy are the elements that formCaruso Acoustic’s identity.
Ever since it was founded, the brand has invested its resources in research for new materials, correctly interpreting the public’s needs and broadening its own horizons towards new possible applications. Our engineers are fully committed to designing and creating products that meet all existing legislation in the field of venue acoustics. Thanks to our highly qualified team, Caruso Acoustic also offers support during the venue’s design phase by conducting acoustic and lighting technology analysis, focusing in particular on the venue’s intended use. Conference halls, classrooms, libraries, restaurants, bars, sports arenas, gyms, hospitals, medical practices, stores and offices are just a few of the possible places where these products can be applied.
Given that its goal is to provide users with the best acoustic comfort, Caruso Acoustic establishes a close collaboration with architects so it can also develop complex, customised projects. The result is an environment, intended as a space for interaction, that has been created to accommodate and organise all daily activities. ... More ... less

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