Cariboni group was founded in 1908, with a precise aim: energy transmission. In the early 70s, the group decided to enter the field of lighting as Cariboni Illuminazione founded following the incorporation and the transformation of F.I.R. Fabbrica Italiana Riflettori Gariboldi. In 1993 Cariboni group acquired Fivep created by the merger between Fidenza Vetraria, specializing in high-quality fittings for outdoor and urban lighting, and Pollice Illuminazione, equipped in the manufacturing of high-tech performance fittings. In 2000 Cariboni group has been one of the first companies to believe and invest in the production of LED luminaires and increase their knowledge obtaining in later years a range of products for outdoor urban, street, architectural and functional lighting, based on Italian know-how in terms of lighting, design, optics, electronics, materials science and manufacturing technologies. Nowadays Cariboni group puts effort into achieve consistently innovative lighting solutions and is devoted to energy savings in the most important European cities.

Cariboni group is an efficient organizational structure, where each element of the worth chain integrates and evolves, by pursuing the common company’s aim: seek after excellence and innovation in its three main principles Light, Design & Technology. Cariboni group founds its belief in the possibility of sustainable development of its industrial activities. A lighting fixture, i.e. the lighting industry, plays a leading role in modern society; that’s why it has to be the result of a responsible activity of research and development, which takes care of the needs of customers, consumers and environment.

The respect for the environment comes from a necessary cultural change which all the players (each single citizen, the enterprises and the governments) have to espouse, in order to grant a sustainable development.

This new consciousness puts itself into effect in everyday’s life, by means of some fundamental activities designed to achieve the following objectives:
1. Realization of “100% Made in Italy” products with energy consumption minimized and performing optics designed to obtain the best photometric result, visual comfort and the absence of light dispersion towards the sky;
2. Organizing production processes socially responsible with a focus on limiting wastefulness and ecology;
3. Investing in human resources to ensure a constant update of Training for each element of the company structure. ... More ... less

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