Capo d’Opera

Rèvine / Italy

Like an endless kaleidoscope, Capo d'opera's creativity and production spans all of the rooms of the home, with decorative systems to furnish the bedroom, bathroom and living areas according to a conception of domestic zones as places of wonder, intimacy and beauty. Architects and interior designers can make full use of an extensive range of textures and colours, freely associating the various collections to the furniture. Every single piece of furniture is customised in size, colour combinations and patterns, so it becomes a unique piece. Animated by a passion for the finest materials, from wood and marble to resins, Capo d'opera is a company where design is intertwined with art and craftsmanship. It's a philosophy that is encapsulated in its very name. Apprentices in the Middle Ages wanted to work in guilds to create a capodopera ("masterpiece"), a work of flawless perfection and quality. In this way, Capo d'opera works to obtain creative excellence, constantly designing new decorative and furnishing solutions and creating working techniques. ... More ... less

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