Fontaneto d'Agogna / Italy

We have been redesigning comfort with our HVAC and plumbing solutions for over 60 years. Each of us is a drop in a sea of constantly evolving expertise. We work and learn together to deliver the best possible results. Some people go with the flow. We are the flow. The flow of expertise, technology, experience and innovations that we have acquired over the years through the support of our customers and suppliers makes it possible. A flow that breaks the mould, allowing us to constantly set the benchmark. We are an established multinational company with a long tradition of manufacturing in Italy and locations all over the world. We continue to invest in the future. Our founder, Francesco Caleffi, has passed his work ethic on to us, as well as his commitment and desire to keep growing. These are the values that also his son Marco, who now heads the Group, has always passed on to us.

We have been honing our skills since 1961. We continuously strive to increase our expertise, design and create new products, invest in improving our processes, always aiming for the perfect flow. For us, technology applied to mechanical engineering is more than a craft. It is our history. It is our art. From concept to detail, our products are the result of creativity and design, manual skills, technological innovation and digital precision. An example of Italian quality, which we are known for worldwide, the “Made in Italy” mark that we have made our own, an art we have been mastering for over 60 years.

Our information technology connects not only our machines but also Caleffi’s various souls. An ongoing dialogue that allows us to analyse data, trends and perspectives, ensuring quality and performance. Thanks to the digital twin, we are able to simulate processes, predict results, save time and reduce costs, anticipating and eliminating possible errors. Our production processes enhance people and draw on the experience of those who have grown with the company and on the enthusiasm of the younger generation. We have also included cobots in our team to deliver the best possible results. They are robots designed to interact with humans, assist with manual labour and innovate processes. ... More ... less

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