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The company, a leader in the production of Italian-made components for domestic and industrial heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems, and an expert supplier of state-of-the-art system solutions, has celebrated its fiftieth year of activity in 2011. This Italian company is at the heart of an international group which employs more than 1,000 people in its various sales offices and representative branches throughout Europe, AmericaS, China, Japan and Australia. Manufacturing premises are all sited in Italy and their OVERALL ROOFED AREA equals 78,000 m2. Five successful and challenging decades of commitment to - and investment in - research, development and communication. Just as it has been from the very beginning, constant attention is dedicated to quality (and its certification), technical product details (continuous improvements inspired by customer feedback) and innovation (with the due research periods necessary to avoid rushed development in pursuit of fleeting market trends). However, great care is also taken over the relationship formed with each individual working with us because, as we always say, it is people that make the difference, through their commitment and their sense of belonging to a group experiencing constant growth, both in Italy and overseas. More than 1000 employees worldwide export not only the product – truly Made in Italy, since production has never been outsourced beyond our national borders – but also the Italian parent company’s entire system of values: encouraging customer loyalty by offering advice when purchasing a product or selecting the most suitable solution, assisting in the planning phase and responding to all questions, before and after sales, in the customer’s own language. In 1961 the company was established in modest premises, operating as a third-party manufacturer of valves, fittings and accessories in brass and steel. Twenty years on, the products were being marketed under the company’s own brand, and the first contracts were signed with large organisations such as Vaillant, Bosch, Landys & Gyr and – a little later – Saunier Duval. Over time, a total of 7 branches were opened and 5 companies purchased, with majority shareholdings of greater or lesser proportions. This has led to the recent creation of two challenging projects, the CUBOROSSO (REDCUBE) research and testing centre and the MAV automatic vertical warehouse which guarantees even faster shipment and more punctual delivery. ... More ... less



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