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Caimi one of the most important design-oriented producers of furniture and components in Europe. With products for domestic, office and contract use, the company distinguished itself by its choice of materials, formal quality and continuous attention to technological innovation. The numerous patents obtained by the company over the years underscore the heterogeneity and versatility of CAIMI products. Distributed internationally, CAIMI collaborates with the most renowned Italian and international designers and architects, as well as with emerging young creatives. Caimi originally targeted the complements and accessories market, designing and producing hundreds of items to meet the most varied needs; many quickly became true icons. Over time, the company followed its natural instincts and extended production to the furniture sector itself, adding a series of modular shelving systems for home, office, and commercial use, as well as seating systems for waiting areas in offices and in public spaces like airport terminals.

Caimi for office and contract: from accessories to furniture

The essential Kaleidos line is part of Caimi's contract seating sector. Its shell is in a single piece of recyclable technopolymer, which gives it a three-dimensional sculptural effect; the material's texture is also pleasing to the touch. A small table with an aluminum edge painted with epoxy powders complements the collection. Pitagora is a shell seating system supported by a perforated steel bar; the structure is slender and light but at the same time resistant thanks to the patented three-layer edge system that increases comfort. Caimi also continues to expand its complements and accessories division, turning its attention the opportunities offered by new information technologies, but always with an eye to comfort in order to create welcoming and livable spaces. Among Caimi's many design solutions is the series of partitions in the Safe Design line. Arianna is a modular system of flexible, well-designed and detailed divider screens. Living and office spaces can be separated by the useful and functional elements that are pleasing to the eye and easily sanitized; they also help ensure social distancing.
Sepa Rolls in Snowsound Fiber 1 fabric are sound-absorbing panels that act as dividers. The structure is in chrome-plated steel with a base on wheels to facilitate agile movement. The sound absorbing dividers help with social distancing and reduce reverberation thanks to Snowsound, a high performance Caimi patent that can absorb sound in differentiated ways. The company offers a wide range of suspended and wall-mounted acoustic panels - all unique and stylish design objects. The Botanica collection is made up of leaf-shaped sound absorbing panels in different colors that can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted with chrome supports, or supported by a horizontal modular frame. Flap Chain is composed of horizontal or vertical chromium-plated metal rods, joined by an interlocking mechanism that offers 360° rotation. The union of the vertical and horizontal rods allows users to create a variety of suspended configurations. V-Flap presents sound-absorbing design elements with strong visual impact. Thin metal cables suspend a chrome frame and two sound absorbing panels, available in various colors; with their inclined positions, the panels resemble two wings floating in space.

Caimi furniture systems for home, contract and office

Caimi furnishing systems include bookcases for the home and office, aluminum furniture for retail spaces, single and double-sided display cases, wall-hung and wall-mounted modular bookcases, TV cabinets and stands, as well as tables and chairs. Socrate Bibliotech is a modular system of metal bookcases available in self-supporting or wall-mounted versions, characterized by extreme flexibility to meet the most sophisticated stylistic and spatial needs. Its domestic version, Socrate Home, is also characterized by the use of modules to adapt to different spaces and contexts. The Big bookcase, for office use, is designed as an architectural element in extruded aluminum; its well-defined forms allow it to adapt perfectly to modern, historical, hi-tech, or classic contexts. Pegaso Infinito is a modular table with a simple glass top and a sinuous structure in polished aluminum that can repeat itself infinitely thanks to a symmetrical leg that can be added numerous times. The Pegaso Collection also includes rectangular or round concrete tables; rectangular, round, or oval steel and glass tables; and rectangular metal tables. ... More ... less

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