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Buzzispace is a Belgian company specialized in the design and marketing of innovative solutions for sound insulation. Founded in 2007 in Antwerp, Belgium, the company has in a short time managed to become a world leader in this sector and today it counts manufacturing facilities in Europe and the US, next to a number of showrooms in New York, Chicago, London and other big metropolis. Besides acoustic panels and office partitions, Buzzispace offer includes office furniture, complements and lighting solutions. All products signed Buzzispace are thought to improve the quality of life within the most variate environments, from the workspace to the contract, from the residential to the outdoor spaces. Sustainability is another founding value for Buzzispace. Its care for environment is reflected in the use of recycled materials, besides the eco-compatible cycles of production. This love for environment has brought BuzziFelt to life, the felt composed for 100% of recycled PET, and BuzziFabric, a fabric made of recycled wool. On top of that, all products are developed abiding to the standards set by six certifications. Electrical safety; fire safety; mechanics; hazardous substances; sustainability; acoustics. Each certificate in these categories proves the commitment of the company to quality, safety and the durability of its products. The human-centered approach adopted by the company that puts people’s well being at forefront does not contradict the love for ecology.

Buzzispace: office furnishing and solutions for acoustic insulation

One of the areas Buzzispace has explored the most is definitely the office furniture. The starting point of each creation of the brand in this area is the recognition of the central role that human capital has to any company. Designing solutions that are really capable to bring wellness is indeed only possible with this concept in mind. Buzzispace catalog offers numerous models of partition panels. These panels, made with sound-absorbing materials, are made beautiful by the BuzziFelt covering available in diverse color variants. Among the company new entries, the noticeable BuzziPlanter, a pot made from recycled PET stuffed with high-density foam and covered with colorful fabrics. BuzziPlanter helps separating the spaces, by setting up green micro-areas. It is available in six different sizes and it balances the sound in open spaces, while being a design addition to them. Along the same green theme lines, BuzziSpace has created sound-Axel Enthoven absorbing partitions with a cactus shape, collected in the BuzziCactus collection, and the BuzziPlant series designed by Anthony Duffeleer, which can also be used to lay objects. The Buzzispace catalog also offers several solutions for desks insulation which can be installed in one go on any kind of table. Among the new products, the BuzziTripl Desk sound-absorbing mobile desk partition sticks out. Made of recycled PET, it is a great addition to the BuzziTripl collection. Worth of notice, office booths are an all-inclusive solution to create comfortable privacy nooks. BuzziVille is a comprehensive modular system to furnish offices, waiting rooms, reception and lounge areas. Sound-absorbing office screens can be combined to create an infinite series of freestanding configurations such as personal desks, sofas and shelves that are easy to hook to the supporting structure and define the areas by their function. Among the 2020 new entries, there are the BuzziRing, an acoustic wall-mounted office booth with a ring shape, that accommodate two facing workstations split by a plexiglas panel. BuzziRing features a worktop, integrated lighting and two USB ports. The offer is completed by wall acoustic panels, ideal to insulate the space while decorating it, thus making it look more comfortable and pleasant.

Tables, chairs, armchairs and sofas by BuzziSpace

BuzziSpace proposition is not only limited to sound insulating solutions, but goes beyond that, to also touch other areas of design. Its tables and chairs systems are outstanding for the multitude of shapes and materials used. The round shape of the BuzziMilk oval side wooden table counterbalances the rigorous geometry of the BuzziHub Table aluminum coffee table. The offer of sofas and armchairs, on the other hand, is characterized by sound-absorbing shields that create modular silent shapes, as it is the case for the BuzziSpark fabric sofa. There are more traditional options too, like the three-seats sofa in fabric BuzziNordicST100, designed by Stäffan Thomasen, enriched with vintage echoes. BuzziMe is a wing felt armchair made by Axel Enthoven, a soft seat with a swivel base that also ensures a great sound insulation. The catalog also includes a wide range of sound-absorbing poufs, ideal to furnish versatile and comfy relax or waiting areas. From the simplest model BuzziCube Flat, through the more sophisticate BuzziCube 3D with its diamond-tufted surface, up to the curious BuzziPuzzle, taking the shape of a puzzle piece. The latter is a real modular system which different pieces available in plenty of colors and heights can be fitted to create endless configurations. BuzziSpace versatility shows itself also in the domain of indoor lighting. Sound-balancing suspended lamps such as the BuzziDome, bring together the renowned sound control property common to all the company products with the sinuous and soft lines that enhance the internal lighting sources. ... More ... less

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