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Globally renowned and admired, BTicino is an Italian company specialising in electrical and domotic systems. Since its beginnings after WWII, BTicino has been a leader in the production of domestic electrical systems thanks to cutting-edge technology and design of plates and switches. The brand's first Domino flush-mounted switch, launched in 1955, revolutionised the conception and creation of electrical systems. Other historic series followed. Magic introduced modular switches in the 1960s; the Living series, dating from the '80s, won the ADI Compasso d'oro, awarded again in 2001 for the My Home Automation system. In 2020, the Living Now series won an honourable mention for the same prize. The company's catalogue offers high-quality technical solutions on items ranging from control units to components, cable trays and hospital systems. Since 1989, as part of the French Legrand group, BTicino has aimed to lead the smart home and home automation sector.

BTicino Civil Series. Design and technology

The BTicino catalogue includes a wide array of residential products characterised by their refined design and high technology - true style icons. The Living Now series, created in collaboration with Netatmo, is the first line of connected plates, associating smart devices with the Home+Control App. The revolutionary aspect of this series lies in the fact that there is no need to modify the electrical system since the controls function through the home WiFi network. Clients need only mount the new plates and connect them to the Gateway, connected to the WiFi system. Using a smartphone, via app or compatible voice assistant, users can remotely control lights, shutters and electrical sockets. Living Now also has an innovative design that moves beyond the traditional frames and buttons. With the frame removed, the elegant cover with coplanar touch keys can be customised with various finishes. Thanks again to the collaboration with the market leader in IoT devices, Netatmo, BTicino has renewed its historic Livinglight series, transforming it into a smart product. In this case, prior owners of this series only need to replace the controls, maintaining the original plates. The line offers three types of plates: rectangular, the rounded Living International and the ultra-thin Livinglight Air, available in a wide range of finishes and colours. The elegant and refined Axolute plate line completes the series. Frames and controls can be configured with six types of wood, glass, stone, and plastic finishes and an exclusive Swarowsky crystal coating.

BTicino. Automation and electrical systems for the home of the future

With solutions in step with the times, BTicino is a leader in the smart home and home automation sector. The already mentioned Living Now and Livinghlight series, in their smart versions, are integrated with a variety of latest-generation devices to create a connected home. These include the brand new Classe 300EOS with Netatmo video door system characterised by its extremely thin depth and slightly curved body. The interface is based on the intuitive display of smartphones, making it easy to use; the device can be controlled remotely via the integrated Home+Security app or voice assistant. The Smarther2 thermostat, with its minimalist design, slender thickness and discreet white light display, is also available in a recessed version in white, black, and sand. It can be managed remotely via the Home+Control app or voice assistant.
The BTicino catalogue also offers the possibility of creating a customised and flexible HiFi system, thanks to zone amplifiers and Nuvo system AccentPLUS® speakers. In addition to products for the connected IoT home, BTicino has developed the latest-generation home automation system for those who want even more interconnected automated control. All connected products in the BTicino catalogue are accompanied by the Hometouch device, with a 7-inch touch screen and the MyHOME_Up application for smartphones and tablets. The system is compatible with the most widely used voice assistants. In addition to the already mentioned video intercom and HiFi system, it is possible to manage and adjust lights, sockets and shutters, Netatmo cameras, temperature and energy consumption. For security, BTicino has the MyHome_Up burglar alarm, which can be perfectly integrated with other BTicino products. Users can intuitively configure different scenarios that include the desired functions. ... More ... less

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