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A leading player in the Italian luxury furniture industry, Bruno Zampa is a design and crafting company specialized in contemporary living, dining and bedrooms. Since 1960, Bruno Zampa focuses his production in one of the oldest Italian furniture districts based in Verona, offering a wide products catalogue and satisfying every home design requirement. An outstanding tradition of craftsmanship, the use of precious materials and on-going research in R&D: these values always stand out in Bruno Zampa creations. Attention to details works in concert with the use of exclusive materials: fabrics, leather, wooden veneers, metals and natural stones are selected and hand-crafted to ensure top-quality products, offering the most authentic Italian luxury.

Bruno Zampa:Luxury Crafted in Verona

The company boasts today 4 internal production units: joinery, tailoring, upholstery, polishing and more than 70 artisans at work every day. The production center is composed by local artisans only, custodians of old and prestige processing techniques. This allow the Company to offer an exclusive type of luxury and the possibility to realize custom-made furniture. Bruno Zampa offers a design team composed by expert interior designers and technicians, able to support Customers in all design process steps, from the idea to the installation on-site. Bruno Zampa demonstrates its ability in managing and customizing worldwide complex projects, positioning as a fully specialized brand in luxury furniture and interior concepts.

The birth of Bruno Zampa brand

Bruno Zampa finds its origins in 1960 in one of the oldest Italian furniture production districts based in Verona. His founder Mr. Bruno Zampa he started his business by opening a small crafting shop, where expert master craftsmen created unique pieces for dukes and lords. Over the years, the company has developed its business, but always preserving its heritage and its expertise in furniture manufacturing. Although in the period of the company foundation classical style furniture was in vogue, Zampa family immediately understood the importance of combining handcraft tradition with contemporary traits, pushing the creation of luxury collections all Made in Italy. Andrea Zampa, currently CEO of the company, is convinced that exclusive hand-crafted products together with an international taste and a strong customer focus are necessary to the company aiming at a long-term success. He started soon to spread the brand abroad, firstly in Russia, Middle Eastland, Asia and then practically worldwide. ... More ... less




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