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The Czech premium lighting brand BROKIS stands for the synthesis of exquisite design, superior quality, and the remarkable craftsmanship of Bohemian glass artisans. Conceived by renowned Czech and foreign designers, the original BROKIS lighting collections have steadily earned international acclaim and recognition. The company combines handblown glass with other refined materials, such as wood and manually pressed metal, in bold lighting compositions that push the boundaries of contemporary design. The BROKIS portfolio features modern functional lighting fixtures, decorative objects, and unique lighting solutions for architects and interior designers. With its own high-capacity production facilities rooted in more than two hundred years of history, BROKIS is free to experiment and develop innovative materials, techniques, and technologies as well as offer bespoke lighting solutions. Brokis lamps are designed by Czech and international designers and artists - including Lucie Koldova, Dan Yeffet, Boris Klimek, Federico Peri, Fumie Shibata and the Chiaramonte Marin duo. This approach has earned the company international recognition and won it numerous awards both at home and abroad. Today, BROKIS and the Janštejn glassworks employ more than 100 people and enjoy a unique symbiosis that has enabled BROKIS to establish sales operations in 100 countries and regularly showcase its renowned lighting collections at the world's top design shows.

BROKIS: iconic lamps and new forms of light

BROKIS's latest additions include Fumie Shibata's Bamboo Forest collection, Filippo Mambretti's ELO hanging lamp, and designer Federico Peri's Trottola collection. Bamboo Forest, as the name evokes, draws inspiration from bamboo canes, and is available in six different sizes that can be used alone or combined in unique and original compositions. ELO is an LED suspension lamp formed by three interconnected arcs, of which the two outermost can assume different positions. The frame is made of aluminum and the glass part uses BROKISGLASS texture. Trottola, on the other hand, is an LED lamp made of opaline glass, available in two sizes and in table and pendant versions, with the shape (and name) evoking the popular childhood game of the spinning top. Among BROKIS's most representative products is definitely the KNOT collection by Chiaramonte Marin, available in pendant and table versions, the latter also with a wireless, rechargeable battery model. The characteristic feature of this lamp is the presence of a rope that runs through the glass body and seems to pull the lower part of the lamp inward, for a striking effect. Bonbori, on the other hand, is a collection by Japanese designer Fumie Shibata, characterized by a perforated central body that radiates soft light evoking traditional Japanese paper lanterns. The Mona collection is composed of LED tubular light sources that pass through the lamp's glass body, while on the other hand Night Birds, by designer Boris Klimek, is a suspension lamp available in three different variations, which used in compositions of several elements, evokes a flock of birds in flight.

BROKIS lamps: Bohemian tradition and contemporary technology

BROKIS is the brainchild of successful Czech entrepreneur Jan Rabell. In 2006, he founded the brand as a platform to revitalize and elevate Bohemian glassmaking to new heights and preserve generations of knowledge and craftsmanship. Nearly ten years prior, in 1997, he acquired the ailing Janštejn Glassworks, which was established at the start of the 19th century approximately 140 kilometres southeast of Prague. Demand for traditional products had declined significantly, many of the glassmakers were growing old and leaving, and time-honoured technologies and techniques were at risk of being lost. Mr. Rabell’s vision was to restore the factory to its former prestige and ensure that the ages-old Bohemian glassmaking tradition endured into the 21st century. With BROKIS, Jan Rabell created a lighting brand offering entirely different products than those previously produced at Janštejn Glassworks. Several new Italian-style furnaces were built, and production techniques were refined. Some, such as grinding and glass painting, were discontinued, and others were revived, like glassblowing using optic moulds and traditional hotshop techniques. Original and nearly forgotten formulas for manufacturing coloured glass were reinstated and are now characteristic of the BROKIS brand. BROKIS has firmly established itself as a leading innovator in glass lighting. For example, the complex technology applied in manufacturing the Night Birds collection, which consists of imposing yet elegant curved glass silhouettes of birds in various phases of flight, required two years of experimentation to perfect. BROKIS is constantly developing new technologies for its lights in order to offer consistent industry-leading quality and innovation throughout its global product portfolio, such as with a special original connector, the sustainable material called BROKISGLASS, and TRIMLESS, a sleek new system for hanging pendant lights from lowered drywall ceilings. BROKIS also maintains a strong online presence through a series of innovative initiatives, such as BROKIS VIRTUAL PROJECTS and the unique MyBrokis application. In January of 2022, BROKIS launched a website within Janštejn Glass Group (JGG). ... More ... less

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