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Blasco is a Spanish furniture and fabrics brand founded in 1945 by Pedro and Rafael Blasco brothers in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid. With 75 years of history, Blasco boasts customers throughout Europe and exhibitions at the prestigious Maison & Objet Fair in Paris, as well as installations in Villanueva del Pardillo and a showroom where most of the catalog is shown. The Liberty, Odéon and St. Germain models, introduced in the 2000s, are now icons of the Blasco catalog, then completed with various chaise longues, chairs and armchairs, all designed and made with linen covers.

Blasco’s history

Blasco’s history begins in 1939, a few years before its foundation, when the Blasco brothers start working as apprentices in a small upholstery workshop in Pozuelo de Alarcón, in the north-west of Madrid, the favorite summer destination of the Madrid's upper bourgeoisie and, for this reason, also of artisans from all over Spain due to the great demand for furnishing elements for the new hotels built since the early XIX century. In 1945, at the age of 17, Pedro and Rafael founded Blasco. In the Sixties, with the company in full growth, the first building is built, including several workshops, the carpentry, the upholstery and the sewing workshop. In the same years, the Blasco upholstery shop decides to specialize itself in the production of upholstered leather furniture, becoming the first leather sofas factory in Spain. The arrival of new customers leads the Blasco brothers to invest in some stores in the city of Madrid and to create the first collection with their own designs. This is how the small workshop becomes a factory, the initial small warehouse is transformed into various facilities and what was initially an upholstery shop is transformed into a carpentry and leather tannery factory, thus including the entire production process, up to arrive at the inauguration of new facilities, a showroom and an interior design office. In the Seventies, in addition to inaugurating new stores throughout Spain, Blasco began exhibiting at the Furniture Fair in Valencia and, together with other 29 companies, founded the International Furniture Fair in Madrid, while, in 1982, it became the official supplier of the largest distribution company in Spain, El Corte Inglés, which shows Blasco products in all its shopping centers. After the division of the brothers in 1987, in 1994, the management of the company passes to Jesús Miguel Blasco, who decides to make some changes: with the new management, the designs are manifactured with fabric instead of leather and new sales channels are opened; the products come to be designed, customized and manufactured for the most exclusive Spanish decor studios and for wholesale distribution companies such as Becara, Casa & Jardín, Artespaña or Grupo 13. In the 2000s, the first catalog with designs inspired by the Japanese "wabi sabi" concept is launched, while, in 2012, the first collection of fabrics is inaugurated. Only a year later, Blasco decides to expand its sales abroad and exhibits at the prestigious Maison & Objet Fair in Paris for the first of five years. Today, the Blasco facilities and showroom have reached 3000 and 900 sqm respectively.

The values of Blasco

Design: Blasco develops several prototypes until the final model is reached. Some of Blasco models are replicas of old pieces recovered and adapted to nowadays measurements and proportions; every product stands out for its beauty and timelessness becoming the most important piece of the house with its own identity.
Quality: Blasco selects the best materials, noble woods, steel, natural fibers, latex or down for the production of its pieces, which allows to have high standards of safety and quality. Strict quality controls are followed during several stages throughout the manufacturing process.
Comfort: in all the development phases of a new product, comfort is the first aim, through the analysis of the dimensions and the material selection by choosing the most suitable materials and combining them in the appropriate way. Moreover, during the production phase, expert craftsmen work hard to create extremely comfortable pieces.
Durability: Blasco manufactures “icon” pieces that last a lifetime; some of the designs are inspired by concepts and proposals with many years of history that transcend the fashion and trends of the moment making them potentially inheritable.
Functionality: the products are manifactured with slipcovers in order to enjoy them in all seasons of the year. Covers that give off warmth in winter because they are made with fabrics such as chenille or wool and covers that give off freshness in summer because they are made with fabrics such as linen, cotton or hemp. Blasco customers do not change the sofa but dress the sofa changing the fabric and the colors of the cover based on new styles and trends.
Hand-Made: Blasco has a very professional team with manual skills and abilities acquired over the years. During the complete process, design phase, development phase and production phase of the prototypes, they transform Blasco's ideas into unique pieces thanks to their great knowledge of their profession.
Made to measure: Blasco makes its products to measure in order to suit the needs of its customers but assuring that the model keeps the same appearance, style and design. For each model, there is the possibility to choose only the options that maintain the beauty of the product. There are many different options to be chosen: combinations of lengths and depths, number of cushions for the back, types of wood, wood finishes, tack finishes, etc.
Respect for Nature: Blasco respects and protects the environment, looking for a responsible consumption and manufacturing quality and sustainable products that last a lifetime. Blasco’s facilities produce enough solar energy that allows it to be energy self-sufficient almost all year long, eliminating CO2 emissions to the environment. ... More ... less

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