Black Tie

Montorso Vicentino / Italy

Black Tie is a Made in Italy furniture brand that combines the refined taste of timeless elegance with the manufacturing excellence of Made in Italy. Black Tie was born in 2011 from a Pierluigi Frighetto's idea. Authentic beauty and recognizable déco style are the concrete expression that has always distinguished the refined design of its products, which come to life in the Vicenza district. Cosmopolitan in the name, but 100% Italian, Black Tie pays attention to details and the high quality of its distinctive hallmarks.

Black Tie design's features

Being contemporary means building an alchemical mix between personal identity and time. A balance which lives into refined furniture, without being obsessed with fashion. Handmade is synonymous of care and dedication. The collection is favoring a short and controlled supply chain and, when necessary, making use of local partners. The brand therefore becomes the spokesperson and supporter of the most authentic Made in Italy, to ensure that the products comply with the most integrated quality standards. Every single product is a unique handmade piece: the company puts its skills, both manufacturing and experience, to meet the needs of the sector, adapting the dimensions and finishes of the products in the collection and satisfying the increasingly requested personalization of spaces. A meticulous attention to the smallest details makes the difference: the passion for the well-handmade distinguishes the craftsmen with whom Black Tie avails itself, manufacturing specialists who dedicate the utmost care and dedication to the realization of each single product. ... More ... less

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