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Bianchini has been producing timeless furnishings for a long time now. For almost fifty years, the brand has been associated with classic furniture, making Bianchini one of the most prestigious Italian brands on the market, both at home and abroad.
Bianchini has come a long way since 1967, when the three brothers – Remo, Renzo and Bruno – first established the company that bears their name. They had learned the secrets of cabinet making and woodworking from the master craftsmen of Verona, in the workshops in Cerea and the neighbouring villages. After years of practice, they joined forces and opened the carpentry workshop. Their aim from day one was to create a family-run business, and they’ve never lost sight of this aspiration since.
The company has grown to an impressive extent, yet it still embodies the values of its origins, today through the second generation at the helm, continuing to pursue the hallmark Bianchini features of tradition, prestige, attention to detail and Italian design.
The entire production process takes place in our own factory, demonstrating the solid value of the company and its close links with the local area. Both classic and contemporary furnishings are designed, constructed and finished in-house, thus guaranteeing complete control over every stage of the production chain and the original style we are so proud of. ... More ... less

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