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Bette reflects German rigor and quality. The company has produced refined and elegant bathroom furniture and accessories - including shower trays, washbasins, bathtubs and accessories - since 1952. High-tech materials like enameled titanium steel treated with the company's exclusive thermo-perforation process are used in design creations that "dress" the bathroom, offering an unlimited range of unique combinations, colors and sizes. Thanks to the work of great designers, like the Molldesign or Schmiddem Design studios, spaces can be created where form and functionality blend with water and steel, deploying maximum customization to meet the needs of a demanding clientele.

Bette: bathtubs, furniture and accessories

Bette produces bathroom furniture for prestigious homes, cruise ships, spas and hotels. Among its exclusive products, Bettepond Silhouette - a symbol of balance with its highly original round shape - is a central bathtub designed by Tesseraux + Partner. The tub is made from resistant and scratchproof vitrified titanium steel. A 150 cm diameter makes it comfortable to bathe in and also easy to clean. The most recent collections, BetteLoft, BetteLux and BetteStarlet Spirit have a thickness of only 8 mm obtained through a unique manufacturing process. Their clean edges and lines guarantee formal fluidity, with a rim that eliminates differences in height between washbasin and furniture, bathtub and tiles, wood or natural stone. Bette also produces accessories like BetteLux Shape, a complement that is both a mirror and bathrobe hook. Elegant, refined and functional, this object furnishes and organizes a bathroom spaces with versatility. The mirror frame is also a shelf for items, thanks to its ample surface.

Bette: customized design for the bathroom

To achieve its high quality, Bette has created a new shaping technology in which steel is not stretched, as is the case today, but pulled smoothly and gently by applying very high pressure. The result is a uniform and relatively thin sheet of material that can be processed with great precision. After the sheet is pulled, it can be cut into various sizes, working the outer edge separately; there are over six hundred colors and many options to choose from. Customization is a must for Bette. The company can offer its customers tailor-made designs right down to the smallest detail. Bette makes each piece according to specific dimensions and can assemble them in any spatial condition thanks to specifically designed tools. Furthermore, production takes place entirely in the Delbrück plant in Westphalia, affording very short turnaround and delivery times. Clients who want a truly exclusive and comfortable bathroom choose Bette bathroom furniture. Before sustainability became a central issue, as far back as sixty years ago Bette was already using 100% recyclable natural materials such as glass and steel. At the Delbrück plant, 370 employees ensure that each item has its own Made in Germany label and is free of potentially harmful solvents or chemicals. The company also produces two-thirds of the electricity used during production processes. As environmentally-friendly products, Bette bathroom furnishings are a natural fit for the homes of people who commit to sustainable building. As a further guarantee, Bette has obtained ISO 14025 certification from the US Green Building Council in compliance with the LEED certification system. ... More ... less

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