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BELULL is a French company that takes its name from the Lull family, producers of continuous carbon fiber profiles for over 30 years. Recently, the brand has decided to diversify the production of the original company, launching a collection of designer furniture, using carbon fiber elements, making an extremely technical material, accessible and usable on a daily basis. BELULL is an innovative company, open and ready to explore new ideas, in fact with the support of well-known designers like Emmanuel Gallina, have created a limited edition furniture line, whose design is inspired by the shape and technicality of carbon fiber. This material has a unique aesthetic thanks to its anthracite color and smooth or structured appearance, its color varies according to light and its surface can be glossy or opaque, allowing the creation of pieces with with unprecedented mechanical properties, such as rigidity and strength, despite being five times lighter than metal. The first collection of BELULL incorporates this high quality material elegantly associating it with natural materials such as wood, metal or marble.

Each element of the collection has a unique personality, so some pieces can be made to measure according to the wishes and needs of each customer. Each piece of furniture will find its place and will fit perfectly in any environment, whether it is a library, a wardrobe or a headboard, is possible to choose the height and width of the piece so that it fits perfectly to your spaces. In addition to the customization of sizes is possible to choose the essence of wood, colors, surface finishes for metal pieces and also the type of marble, also BELULL also takes care of the delivery and installation of each product. ... More ... less

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