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Cabiate / Italy

Founded from a small artisan workshop in the mid-1930s, Bellotti Ezio is now an established company in the Brianza area, the home of design furniture and the cradle of the most prestigious Italian companies in the world of furniture. Choosing Bellotti Ezio means choosing global furnishing projects and furniture made with a very high level of quality, where the utmost attention to detail and fine finishes take center stage. The appeal of Bellotti Ezio's luxury furniture comes from the creativity of expert designers who know how to interpret the needs of customers by materializing them with great passion. The final project is entrusted to qualified craftsmen: professionals with decades of experience behind them, capable of bringing to life the most special creations. Each phase is a fundamental and indispensable piece for the success of the finished product, from the choice of fine materials to the meticulous decoration.

Bellotti: classic Made in Italy furniture and fine materials

The concept of Made in Italy starts from the design, to the choice of materials to the realization for all collections. The use of fine materials is a must at Bellotti Ezio, which chooses expertly crafted essences and fine marbles for its furniture. Upholstery for lounges, armchairs and individual chairs is also made from the highest quality fabrics, with shades and patterns that match well with the finishes and colors of the furniture. Each piece of furniture is customizable; customers can choose from many finishes and fabrics so they can furnish their homes according to their own tastes, accompanied by a team of specialists in the field. Each product is strictly checked before being delivered to the customer, the Made in Italy Certificate certifies its quality as well as originality. ... More ... less

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