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ASKIA carries forward, under a new approach, the legacy and commitment to quality design of Ubikubi, widely known as one of the best Romanian design brands. In 2020, after 5 years of solid growth, a consistent international presence, 86 products developed and countless of them sold all over the world, our former brand Ubikubi joined forces with ARCADE, a top Romanian company providing complete services for tailor-made office spaces and high performance acoustic solutions.
Together, we now stand as ASKIA. We focus our entire energy on developing a new product range of furniture and acoustic solutions dedicated to office spaces, under the creative direction of Dragos Motica. Perfectly complemented by the impressive technical expertise and high production capabilities of ARCADE, our new partnership brings forward a bigger potential for developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art objects. With the help of their over 140 specialists working in Bucharest and Mizil, combining creative craftsmanship with advanced technologies, ARCADE sustains the production of the existing and future ASKIA collections.
In Romanian, “AȘCHIA” means “the chip of wood”. For us, ever since the beginning, wood was the most meaningful material. We aim to express its vital power, undeniable qualities and symbolic meanings in everything we do. As a local saying wisely states, "the chip does not jump far from the trunk". Our name, AȘKIA (AȘCHIA), thus reflects a new beginning of something cherished that has been here before. A fresh start, but with invaluable lessons already encapsulated in our DNA. A change in strength and motivation. A bigger space for growth. With this belief in mind, we create sharp designs for timeless spaces.
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