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Arkoslight as a company -manufacturer of technical lighting for architecture - understands light as a fundamental element in life. For that reason, this philosophy is synthesised in luminaires which coexist in perfect harmony with the space. Light is an essential element which influences architecture by defining volumes, visual appeal and textures. The company wants to go so much further, fostering sensations and emotions so that lighting becomes a dialogue between people and whatever happens in the spaces they inhabit. From the very first outlines, the luminaires are designed as witnesses to the passing of time, accompanying people throughout their lives. Arkos Light has succeeded in developing a unique design language which merges technological innovation with its “savoir faire”. Each luminaire produced in the facilities reflects careful attention to the very last detail. The idiosyncrasy imbues the product in each of its stages, obtaining timelessness and excellence in each product. As a result, Arkoslight envisions a future tied to the principles of sustainability, innovation, quality and design. Arkoslight has won 80 international awards for the design of its products over the last 10 years. These marks are an external recognition of the company and its luminaires; a mark of quality granted by some of the most outstanding professionals from the lighting, design and architecture sectors, who stand on the different juries for these awards. ... More ... less

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