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ArcoAcustica is a spin off of the Construction Company “Arcobaleno 2 spa”, a company that has been working with seriousness and profit for over thirty years. Profoundly different from what is proposed by the market, ArcoAcustica offers targeted and cutting-edge acoustic insulation solutions. Through research, design, technical assistance and product installation, we develop opportunities and activities at the customer's service to 360 degrees. In fact, ArcoAcustica pursues a great Mission: to allow all its customers to live and work in maximum acoustic comfort, providing experience and innovation.

The cultural value of silence

Our products can be applied inside walls (panels), on walls and fixed with polypropylene plugs (wall cladding) or in combination with coated plaster slabs and fixed to metal structures (counter-wall). All to offer the maximum sound insulation from the noise that is propagated by air in buildings. The subflooring products can be applied dry under the parquet (under the floor), under the screed (floating screed) or directly on the rough floor (above the floor). These systems allow living and working environments to be experienced with serenity and comfort. It is also possible to reduce the noise effect of discontinuous operation systems through the use of "acoustic walls" inside the receiving environment, plating the existing wall structures or directly coating the pipes involved.

Another sphere in which we operate is that of low frequency vibrations, produced by civil and industrial machinery and production equipment, for which anti-vibration systems are adopted. Unlike subflooring systems, the high pressures that act in this area have led us to use products with extraordinary compressive strength and extraordinary elastic properties. The systems we propose have been designed and manufactured with a cut-off frequency (f0) generally between 6.0 and 10.0 Hz, to which is associated the static pressure in which the system "works" in conditions of total elasticity.

Acoustic panels

ArcoAcustica also designs and installs high-design sound-absorbing systems for use in public places (restaurants, hotels, swimming pools / gyms ...) where there is an excessive and annoying reverberation. Our panels are eco-compatible artifacts obtained from the recycling of polyester fiber and constitute an innovative acoustic system designed for containing and reducing «background noise». They are available at sight or covered with fabric, in a wide range of colors to choose from. It is also possible to print high quality graphic images on the upholstery fabrics, making the final result as effective as it is original. The product is available in different sizes and can be applied "island" or "baffles" and is supplied with special chromed hanging kits with height adjustment from above. The application of the panels, where required, can be carried out by qualified ArcoAcustica installers, accurately and quickly, without compromising the work of the customer. The result will be a quiet, elegant environment, no longer characterized by reverberation, but by sense comfort that only a pleasant place can give.

Acoustic insulation for machines

Arco MACCHINE consists of the set of interventions that ArcoAcustica realizes to act on all the sources of noise produced by civil and industrial machinery simultaneously. These sources are generally identifiable in the fans, in the compressors and in the vibrations they generate. To solve this problem, ArcoAcustica uses three completely innovative solutions, designed "tailor-made", for each individual machine: sound-insulating ducts (Arco TUBE), acoustic panels (Arco Rumble) and the aforementioned anti-vibration supports (Arco DAMPING). In this way we can guarantee the reduction of 8-12 dB of airborne noise caused by the machine and ELIMINATING vibrations.

Arco plus, innovative subflooring system

Finally, ArcoAcustica is proud to present the latest 2018 novelty: Arco PLUS. This is an innovative low-resonance soundproofing system, certified at the prestigious C.S.T.B. research center in Marne la Vallée (Fr). The result obtained in the laboratory is unprecedented: the noise level reduction was 42.0 dB. Thanks to its particular composition, given by the set of subflooring systems and soundproofing / absorbent products, the frequency in which it starts to be effective is between 5.0 and 10.0 Hz (generally the subflooring systems "work" from 60.0-80.0 Hz), therefore in the receiving environments the perceived levels of trampling will be extremely reduced. Recyclable and easy to install, Arco Plus is the most advanced solution to the problem of noise propagation through the floors. ... More ... less

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