ARCHYI. is a brand that designs and realizes office furniture and is the latest project by Bi-Silque: the latter wanted to create a high-end brand, which could combine functionality and aesthetics within office products. ARCHYI. is therefore engaged in the creation of sound-absorbing furniture products that adapt to any environment or type of space. The brand aims to demonstrate that there is no need to choose between efficiency and aesthetics when it comes to workspace solutions. ARCHYI. develops efficient solutions, through an accurate sustainable production process, also thanks to 40 years of knowledge of the Bi-Silque sector. ARCHYI. designs products that are based on values ​​such as innovation and functionality, thus satisfying high standards of quality and durability. ARCHYI products. have the aim of increasing the creation and choice of coworking spaces, improving the efficiency of the workspace. For this reason the ARCHYI team. focuses on the needs of its customers, on their expectations about the workspace, studying the latest market trends. ... More ... less

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