ArchilumO® is a start-up brand with a portfolio of custom architectural lighting solutions. Based in The Netherlands, ArchilumO® has the ambition to become a brand-of-choice in innovative large format architectural lighting solutions. ArchilumO’s lighting platforms are designed with ’an eye for detail’. Use of top-grade materials & finishes combined with refined/minimalistic product details result in premium product design. Unique expertise in ‘edge-lit technology’, is the basis of high light-output, comfortable diffused lighting solutions that are controlled by proprietary Dali2 technology.

ArchilumO lighting platforms for designers

Within ArchilumO, we believe that Architects & Lighting Designers make the difference. We do not communicate what products we offer; we ask you what lighting you need to make your project work. Both from a technical/functional perspective, and also in terms of aesthetics. Our lighting platforms offer creative professionals the opportunity to design lighting features or luminaires that are tailored to the needs of your individual client – tool kits to create unique lighting installations for unique spaces. ArchilumO luminaires are bespoke and produced by hand on an individual order basis. A multi-disciplinary team of product specialists, designers and engineers support Architects and Designers in delivering project driven solutions of any scale in hospitality, retail, leisure, offices, public spaces or transportation. ... More ... less

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