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AQUAELITE is an italian company focused on designing and manufacturing elegant and innovative shower systems. A wide range of products with a unique style, perfect synthesis of research studies,
first quality materials, technological investments and, above all, 40 years of professional competence and experience hand down from father to son.


Our qualified staff, the use of modern equipment and advanced technologies make each
single item a perfect mix of precision and aesthetic perfection, allowing us, at the same ime to maintain the required production flexibility to satisfy any market needs.

Made in Italy

AQUAelite has deep roots in his country. We are italian, our raw materials and our nique sense of design are Italian. Above all Italian are our wealth of experience and our cultural inheritance which are reflected in each product leaves our plant.

Tailor Made

Make a wish: our designers will convert your intuitions and projects into concrete solutions that will best suits your needs. Lets make the shower your own space, “TAILOR
MADE”, your personal retreat where you can escape the daily stress.


Not just functional and reliable products. Our creations are the result of aesthetics reflection and strong personal passion. Not just technical solutions. First we translate our concept of “exclusive shower experience” into a pencil stroke and then we give it shape and meaning. ... More ... less


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