Animovel is a portuguese furniture manufacturer, the company specializes in producing and designing modern and contemporary furniture. The Animovel brand stands for quality, funcionality and flexibility. Animovel produces and develops furniture since 1958. For over more than 60 years the company has been one of the most prolific pioneers innovating in the furniture industrial cluster. Animovel creates and conceives ever so versatile and innovative collections, partnering with several renowned national and international designers. The company creates elegant and functional environments. This sense of being first and innovating in product development was Animovel’s main drive. Today it has more than 100 employees a dedicated workforce, in an 8000m² production site equipped with cutting edge technology. In six decades it was this entrepreneur spirit that has led all major progress and developments, in a space that grew consistently, always focused in a sustainable future of the Animovel family.


Besides its design and innovation, Animovel offers long-lasting pieces for a timeless house, with a positive impact over its social and environmental context: elevating the brand “Made in Portugal”; creating local jobs; investing in Portuguese talent; actively participating in community activities.

Quality & Flexibility

Using high quality raw materials, from eco-friendly paint, to high quality hardware, which sum up to the robustness and superiority of our product. The ISO9001 certification is an important milestone within Animovel's quality control process, allowing the company to ensure a better customer service experience. Animovel offers its clients a wide range of finishes and the possibility of customizing items according to our offer of materials at the client’s choice. Animovel is a family company, and has already a third generation participating and working in the company, involving the whole business. Clients, stakeholders e local community are considered family, and treated nicely, with respect and integrity. Because everyone matters, as family should.


The company ensures its planet sustainability for the next generations to come. By todays almost 70% of the electricity and power used in its facilities is provided by solar panels. Besides this, the factory heating is also coming from the burn of exceeding production and biomass resulting from all our current production, this provides great comfort to all workers from factory to offices. ... More ... less

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