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anesis, meaning "comfort" in Greek, is a design manufacturer of contemporary furniture suitable for residential and contract use. For 20 years now, anesis has created timeless furniture design and has developed perfect business relationships, drawing strength and inspiration from its environment, the city of Thessaloniki. Organic design with a subtle Mediterranean aesthetic twist is the main characteristic of anesis' style. Having one of the Mediterranean capitals as its base, the company respectfully uses the materials and forms that authentically compose the culture of daily life, designing and manufacturing products that have solid wood and natural materials as their first choices.

The anesis factory

anesis is dedicated to thoughtful living and purposeful design. It's a simple concept, but important. That's why each product is designed and handcrafted at the company's Thessaloniki factory, so it can meet these concepts, guaranteeing unrivaled quality and only hand-reared, conscious materials. anesis mostly focuses on solid wood and, because it has total control over the production of materials and creation of each piece, the company is able to produce bespoke, custom furniture not to be found anywhere else in the world.

anesis' products range

The environment and people are the cornerstone of the brand philosophy, thus all products are handcrafted to last more than a lifetime. From the tree trunk to the last stage of the production process, every detail is taken into careful consideration to make sure that customers get nothing short of state-of-the-art quality and comfort. Everything anesis creates has a collective goal: to let you express your unique style in your home or work place. Each new model shares this mantra, carrying the values and passions of the entire team, as each piece of material is treated with respect and gratitude. There's a story behind everything made by anesis – one that starts in a single tree and lives on with you. ... More ... less

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