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ANDlight is a lighting company based in the scenic city of Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2013 by Caine Heintzman, Matt Davis, and Lukas Peet with the intent to create an outlet for new design ideas and a platform to produce them. Each of the three founding member brings a unique perspective, personality and experience of design, lighting and business to the group. Resulting in critical, dynamic and unique products.
With a strong belief in forward thinking, environmentally conscious design through innovative production methods. ANDlight integrates the latest established technologies in lighting, to create functional and unique fixtures. ANDlight has built a strong network of trusted retailers currently located across North America, Europe and Australia. Our strong international outlook and ambition is contrasted by our use of local suppliers and manufacturers which allow us to work closely at every step of the development and production of our fixtures.
Born from a desire to produce functional lighting, luminaire design and manufacturer ANDlight aims to create honest products. With an authentic approach to the design process, the production, and the way of conducting business, ANDlight has established itself as a brand with substance since its launch in 2013. It proposes approachable products that are timeless in form and reliability, refined in aesthetics, with an astutely applied touch of playfulness.
ANDlight’s luminaires are designed, built and assembled in their native Vancouver, Canada. ... More ... less

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