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Anchoriv is the new system of substructures for ventilated facades created by Red Circle SrL, a young and dynamic company operating in the building sector. Thanks to its R&D team, it distinguishes itself on the market by offering innovative solutions and diversified products that brilliantly solve everyday on-site problems, guaranteeing a prompt and effective service. The company operates in Reggio Emilia, in the heart of Emilia Romagna, optimally positioned at the logistic level to be able to supply its solutions throughout Italy. Anchoriv is the new substructure system that enables you to anchor your cladding to the wall of the building. Anchoriv originates from the search for simple and innovative solutions that enable to simplify as much as possible the installation time of any kind of cladding, specially if ventilated.

The ventilated facade

Key features of a ventilated cladding are several:
EXTERNAL WALL PROTECTION from weather conditions keeping it dry and eliminating seepage risks and the deterioration of the external wall;
REINFORCEMENT OF THE TRADITIONAL INSULATION SYSTEM, eliminating thermal bridges and upgrading the energetic performances of the building;
TRANSPIRATION OF THE FACADE, and elimination of moisture, thanks to the effective air flow from bottom to top in the airing gap;
PROTECTION OF THE EXTERNAL WALL absorbing and reflecting solar energy. The heated air in the structure gap allows, thanks to the stack effect, to eject this air through the building top;
DRAMATIC REDUCTION OF THE CONDENSATION PHENOMENON with quick elimination of water vapour coming from the inside. Therefore, it keeps the skin of the existing building healthy in the wintertime;
ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES OF ARCHITECTURAL renovation of facade cladding, exploiting the aesthetic potential of the best products on the market, improving the thermo-acoustic wellness of the building. ... More ... less

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