Santarcangelo di Romagna / Italy

ANAUNIA began working in the technological partition wall business on 9th January 2006. It bought out the movable sound-proof partition walls branch (founded in 1995) of Albini & Fontanot, the leading stairway manufacturer and international industrial design brand. With its genuine passion for research and project diversification, ANAUNIA brings creative intuition and technological excellence to its complete program of sound-proof movable partition walls, stackable mobile wall panels and moving glass partition walls. These are products of quality, practicality and aesthetic excellence with a functionality continually in development, enabling them to grow with the continual evolution of ways of living and living spaces. This area of business is able to offer solutions to operational demands for flexible work space management and functional diversification of the layouts inside hotels, restaurants, conference centres, offices, shopping centres, social institutions, schools and homes. ... More ... less

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