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Zug / Switzerland

Ammonitum Suisse is a Swiss company based in Zug. Since 1997, it has been producing bathtubs, washbasins and bathroom furniture, mastering the craft and art of woodworking. Thanks to experience and specific know-how, the company has succeeded in creating the ideal wooden product for the bathroom, a product that is not afraid of water. The company's entire production is characterised by the adoption of an exclusive style, the use of exotic woods, rare marbles, mirror polish and fine leather. The company's designers skilfully combine natural and innovative materials, state-of-the-art technology and artistic talent to create unique, high-quality products. Ammonitum's production includes washbasins and bathtubs made of solid wood or mineral casting, stainless steel rain shower heads with precious wood elements, exclusive bathroom accessories made of metal and leather, shelves made of illuminated gemstone panels and much more. In addition to uniqueness, beauty and harmony, equal importance is attached to the functionality of the products. Numerous variants, combinations of veneers and wood tones open up almost unlimited customisation possibilities for the customer. In the case of precious wood, it is possible to choose from more than 60 types. It is by combining technical know-how, craftsmanship and innovative approaches that Ammonitum realises a wide range of shapes and structures, thus achieving unique and impressive design results. ... More ... less

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