Berlino / Germany

AMBIVALENZ has been innovating solutions for modern, mobile and flexible spaces since 2012. The design rationale for its furniture stems from demographic changes in cities that require new living concepts such as compact living and micro living. At AMBIVALENZ people enjoy experimenting with how to create maximum function within a limited space. The brand develops and produces, among other items, foldable, stackable and printable interior objects for all sizes and types of rooms. Functionality and comfort flow from its number one priority, design. The vision of great solutions for small spaces is reflected in the brand motto: AMBIVALENZ - strikingly discreet. In times where space is a luxury, modern living and working environments need to provide maximum functionality on minimal space – and that is what drives AMBIVALENZ: unfolded furniture offers full comfort, unused, however it disappears unobtrusively and space saving on the wall. It transforms spaces, making small spaces big and large spaces even larger. AMBIVALENZ products give you the freedom to be indecisive in a world of countless options and support us to live a flexible and mobile life. To make that work, AMBIVALENZ prove to be consistently uncompromising in design, comfort, quality and durability. ... More ... less



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