Aluplak manufactures a universal removable skirting board for plasterboard walls. Aluplak is a fully functional skirting board, designed to optimize the usability and finishing of plasterboard walls. In addition to being a more practical alternative to the traditional skirting board, provides a decorative solution. It consists of two parts, the internal profile that supports the plasterboard, and the external cover that clips to the internal one. Aluplak rises the plasterboard 6,6 cm from the floor, protecting it from dampness and allowing internet, telephone, and even power cables pass through the gap provided by the elevation. For the past four years, the company has been dedicated to the manufacture and installation of Aluplak in the construction sector, providing an easier installation method and great savings in labor. Through the use of the latest technology and machinery and a policy of constant reinvestment, Aluplak has achieved an average growth of 150% in annual turnover. The facilities are located in Xirivella, a town near Valencia, which is an unbeatable location both for its proximity to the main national highways and to the port of Valencia.

Aluplak's skirting board customization

Aluplack does not produce simple skirting boards but elements capable of solving problems relating to cable wiring thanks to the cavity inside the models.ALUPLAK LED allows the attachment of a LED lighting strip, thus creating a comfortable environment with the use of indirect lighting. Also, emergency evacuation signage and beacons; ALUPLAK THERMIC, designed so that the heating pipe travels through it, radiating heat to the room where it’s installed; and CORNERPLAK designed to travel around corners and facilitate the finishing of any other Aluplak model, without the need for a miter cut. All of them are available in a multitude of lacquers, textures, wood and even customizable designs, recyclable and providing design and innovation.

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