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Altrenotti is an Italian brand specialized in the production of beds, bedding and mattresses and focused on caring for the well-being of the person, which is closely related to the attention to materials and manufacturing processes. In fact, in order to guarantee all of this, Altrenotti invests in research and in the combination of tradition and the most advanced production techniques, between the respect for the environment and the use of quality raw materials.

The history of Altrenotti

Altrenotti reached homes and hotels all over the world starting from a group of craftmen gathered in the courtyards and small workshops in Turin in 1930, where they carded wool and horsehair, made mattresses and bedstraws and then display and sell their creations at local fairs. Over the years, craftsmanship has been combined with cutting-edge technologies, more evolved production methods, high quality raw materials and sophisticated stylistic research and, through four generations, Altrenotti has managed to compose a team of motivated and enthusiastic experts and craftsmen who pay particular attention to innovation, internationalization and the search for the best technical and stylistic solutions while keeping at the same time the family tradition alive. In fact, today, the company's Research and Development Centre performs in-depth studies to guarantee the maximum comfort and the creation of excellent wellness systems, with responsible and environmentally respectful production processes. ... More ... less

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