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In twenty years of market presence the Aldabra brand has been recognized for its innovation, competency, and design. Our lighting solutions are proudly “Made in Italy” where we design, engineer and manufacturer under strict parameters to insure quality. Aldabra is a reference point for professional architectural and landscape exterior lighting. Through the use of innovative materials, Aldabra products are highly resistant to challenging environments, an essential element in an era of deep climate change. Our customers can count on Aldabra’s experience, design and professionalism for advanced solutions to their everyday needs. Aldabra works worldwide with the top lighting designers and architects making a wide range of different projects always putting in value the architecture by filling it with light. We have studied solutions designed specifically for the nautical sector that allow a total guarantee against the ingress of water into products as well as resistance to sea salt and bad weather.

Aldabra LED Technology

The combination of stainless steel, aluminum, nanopolymers, optics and state of the art electronics generates a modern and efficient proposal of outdoor and indoor ligthing fixtures. High tech nanopolymeric resin is used to encapsulate the electronics and fill the body of the lighting fixture to ensure total protection against water, weather conditions and mechanical shocks. Aldabra carefully selects its LEDs and electronic components to be used on its own designed boards. Strict LED selection warrants perfect light uniformity at any installation. All aluminum and AISI 316L electropolished stainless steel products are corrosion and wear protected thanks to various painting and/or superficial treatments. The highest quality and ahestetical standards are achieved.

Aldabra: indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures

A wide range of lines, suspensions, recessed, stepmarkers to cover any need in contemporary architectural lighting. With Aldabra the concept of suspended lighting blends with anti glaring and wireless technology to provide the designer with superios lighting tools that can be freely shaped in three dimension. The Shanghai system is the last icon of the history. Ceilings, walls, baseboards, steps: in every architectural concept there is a space for the light where Aldabra can fit and realize functional, accent or general light. Whatever is the need, Aldabra provides a wide range of recessed lighting fixtures: lines and spots, apparent, flush, deep recessed and in many different sizes. Always comfortable and effective lighting with attention to installation easyness for easy and quick operations. Design is a collection of interior decorative lighting fixtures made to fit any ambient and setting. Made to resist to the thoughest weather and mechanical shock conditions, Aldabra outdoor lighting fixtures are built to grant the highest IP and IK protection levels. From a glowing line to façade washing or grazing Aldabra wide range of linear fixtures allows to create any lighting scene. Using the Aldabra flexible linears will allow to follow any shape with glowing lines or lighting curved surfaces. A must-use-it tool in contemporary lighting. Aldabra Storm is a selection of lighting fixtures with outstanding characteristics of resistance against any weather condition. Drive over, walk over, underwater. Aldabra has a wide range of AISI 316L stainless steel or aluminum high grade recessing fixture for any application: from stepmarking to large wall washing. Wide range of floodlights with extremely high level of protection from water (up to IP68) and mechanical shocks, are available also with 3D textured body finishing.

Aldabra brand

As the atoll that inspired the company name, Aldabra travels far from the usual routes, in search of alternative ways, new trends and original solutions. Just like the Aldabra lagoon, where everything is renewed and galvanized by the flood tide, the company is in constant evolution and regeneration. Aldabra is based on a continuous research and development activity, using innovative technologies and breakthrough materials, introducing solutions where design and new lighting frontiers are featuring elements. Swiss precision, Italian design and manufacturing strictly made in Europe, are driving the quality parameters of Aldabra products, who invest a large part of its energies and resources in the innovation development, with an R&D team constantly in search for state of the art technologies, materials and aesthetic solutions. New projects originate from Aldabra partner’s needs and from the imagination of the great lighting designers the company works with, realizing new and innovative solutions fit to satisfy any type of customer. Through the years, Aldabra brand developed from Italy a worldwide distribution network. ... More ... less

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