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Acunic is a brand of the Austrian company Getzner Textil and stands for aesthetic and highly functional sound absorption with the aid of acoustic fabrics. Acoustic sails, wall panels, curtains, room dividers or also individual elements – the reduction of noise in interiors by up to 90 percent can be achieved in various ways. The highly effective acoustic fabrics create a pleasant, comfortable and healthy atmosphere; they are ideal for architecturally challenging solutions or solutions that call for sophisticated design. They also create a working environment that makes it easier for people to concentrate and pay attention.

The advantages of acoustic textiles

Architects and interior designers appreciate this newly available wide variety of design possibilities and benefit from the extensive portfolio, which also includes geometric, three-dimensional honeycomb shapes and structures that are completely new in terms of design and functionality. Compared to other materials, fabrics offer the advantage of being pliable and permeable. The latter means: due to their special properties, fabrics are capable of absorbing and converting sound energy due to their porous texture, as they do not have a closed surface structure. They are particularly efficient at absorbing low frequencies. The sound is reduced, e.g. the intensity of the noise is greatly reduced. Architects particularly appreciate the flexibility and pliability of fabrics, which ensures that they can be used to optimum advantage.

The company

Founded in Bludenz (Austria) in 1818, Getzner Textil is the world’s leading manufacturer of sophisticated African fashion damasks and is one of the most important and experienced suppliers of fashion textiles for shirts and blouses, corporate fashion and also technical textiles. Together with the subsidiaries, the technical textiles sector in particular has been promoted and expanded. In addition to acoustic textiles, the extensive portfolio also includes special textiles for personal protective equipment, workwear and the outdoor sector as well as for sports equipment or industry. ... More ... less

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