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Born in 2014 in Munich from an idea of entrepreneur Benjamin Caja, Acapulco Design is inspired by the products of Mexican craftsmanship. After the iconic Acapulco armchair kicked off production, Acapulco Design's catalog has grown over time to include tables, coffee tables, stools, and furniture accessories, all handmade in Mexico City. Fascinated by Mexico's colorful tradition of craftsmanship, ancient culture, and majestic landscapes, the entrepreneur travels across the country, drawing inspiration to create new collections. In collaboration with a number of German designers, Acapulco Design has succeeded in reinterpreting traditional Mexican craft creations in a contemporary way, respecting the savoir faire passed down from generation to generation while combining it with ergonomics and the use of technical materials and high-performance finishes.

Acapulco Chair, the iconic armchair with an unmistakable design

Placed in a room, Acapulco Chair is capable of transforming it, thanks to its unique design that combines exoticism and elegance. The unmistakable rounded and slightly elongated silhouette, composed of a thin metal frame connected by PVC wires arranged in a radial pattern, first appeared in the 1950s. The location is the famous Acapulco, Mexico, at the time a favorite oceanfront vacation spot for the American jet set. Its birth is shrouded in mystery and is the subject of legends. In any case, whether it was created by a local craftsman or a tourist looking for a comfortable seat, thanks to Acapulco Design it is now possible to own one or more examples, all made in the original form. The frame, made of powder-coated galvanized steel, is supported by three legs and has the characteristic pear shape, which gives the armchair its elongated appearance. The strands made of Memory Cord, a UV-resistant elastic PVC, form a conch-shaped seat that provides maximum comfort. In addition, the space between the cords promotes air circulation, reducing the feeling of heat. The light and airy appearance should not deceive, given the solidity of the seat. The catalog offers a wide selection of models, from the Acapulco Classic, declined in 13 color variants and the indoor versions Acapulco Chair Indoor, in black leather and cognac leather, and Acapulco Chair Indoor Palma, made of reed. For younger children, there is the Acapulco Chair Kids model, available in 5 colors. Also part of the collection are original reworkings inspired by the patterns of the Oaxaca regions, such as the Oaxaca Chair, launched in 2021, and the Jalisco Chair (2023), offered in a limited edition. Latest arrivals are versions of Acapulco Classic Jacaranda, with a lilac color inspired by the flower of the same name that is widespread in Mexico, and Cempasuchil, with bright orange strings.

Chairs, tables and accessories from the Acapulco Design catalog

Collaboration with German design studios has led to the enrichment of the Acapulco Design catalog. The Munich-based HANSANDFRANZ studio was entrusted with the design of a dining chair based on the technical and formal principles of the Acapulco Chair. The result is the AD-4 Dining Chair, in which the concave shape of the shell is slightly flattened at the seat, while the frame, also made of galvanized steel, is of the cantilever type, in a perfect marriage of Nordic design and Latin inspiration. The model is also available in a 4-leg version. Inspired by the unmistakable weaves of the Acapulco Chair are the Mexico coffee tables and the Acapulco Stool, also available in the leather Acapulco Stool Indoor version. Designer Olivia Herms signs the first table in the Acapulco Design catalog, the first product to be made in Germany. The particular shape of the base is inspired by the formal language of the Acapulco Chair. A central ring connects the thin steel rods that make up the legs, arranged in a delicate butterfly-shaped geometry. Brand new, ceramic vases from the Los Floreros collection, handmade in Portugal. The vases come in different shapes and sizes, and feature vibrant color combinations between inside and outside, in a choice of orange, lilac, yellow, light blue and teal. ... More ... less

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