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A-N-D investigates new design possibilities using innovative production methods while integrating the most current technologies in lighting. The result of that exploration puts forward honest products that transcend time and place. Co-founded by Matt Davis, Caine Heintzman and Lukas Peet in 2014, A-N-D is a decorative luminaire design studio and manufacturer based in Vancouver, Canada where original collections are conceptualized, built and assembled in-house.

A-N-D design, sustainability and LED technology

A-N-D is thoughtfully crafted; its honest and impactful design celebrates simplicity and restraint allowing for versatile products to evolve space with the radiance of light. Its products transcend time and place; at once acknowledging a rich design history while also reaching for new possibilities by using leading technology to craft its ever-expanding collection of luminaires. A-N-D is interested in longevity, delivering collections that are confident, purposeful and meant to last. The luminaires are brought to life with imaginative forethought; they respond to the real needs of the built environment, standing the test of time in form and function while performing flawlessly. A-N-D’s luminaires emit an efficient and functional light source with a low energy draw. The company recognizes the positive impact LED technology has made possible for the environment by reducing electricity consumption and thus our carbon footprint in the process. Their LEDs last over 70,000 hours for an approximate 10-year lifespan; they are replaceable and dimmable, enabling the user to control the output and its consumption. Caine Heintzman’s Pipeline Chandelier 9 won the 2020 Archiproducts Design Award and his Vale Series won the 2019 Archiproducts Design Award. Lukas Peet’s Pebble Series won the 2019 NYC X Design Award.

A-N-D, modular and versatile lighting solutions

Adaptability is at the forefront of all aspects of A-N-D’s design; its luminaires are versatile, offering diversity in form and finish while responding to the widest range of contexts and applications. Their lighting systems demonstrate flexibility and geometric precision; at once easily configurable, repeatable, and scalable to produce sculptural compositions. A-N-D’s luminaries are inviting; asking to be approached, touched and adjusted to the desire of its user. With function as the primary focus, these objects accompany the rituals and activities of people as they move through their environments. Beyond their decorative quality, they are made to be accessed, and interacted with throughout the day.

A-N-D lamps for sale at the Archiproducts shop

A-N-D offers interior lighting for hospitality, home and office. Pendant, sconces, floor, and table LED lamps can be purchased online at the Archiproducts shop. ... More ... less

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